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Resource Program

The Mater Dei LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Resource Program allows students with mild learning disabilities/difficulties to attend a religious college preparatory high school with assistance in academics. The program serves students with Alternative Service Plans through EVSC and students with health impairments that significantly impair learning.

The LIFE Resource Program offers:

Basic Skills Development Classes

  • Teacher/student monitoring of grades through PowerSchool
  • Regular curriculum tutoring

Essential skills Development

  • Audio text and some novels
  • Testing accommodations
  • Oral administration
  • Extended time

The LIFE Resource Program at Mater Dei does NOT offer a modified curriculum for general or Core 40 diploma track students; a modified grading scale; or special classes other than Basic Skills Development.

The LIFE Resource Program has received financial support from Marian Educational Outreach since the fall of 2000. Mater Dei's full-time resource teacher is Mrs. Kelly Ubelhor.

To visit Marian Educational Outreach's website, click