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Dress Code

The Uniform Dress Code for Mater Dei High School is based on our belief that students should present an image that reflects a sense of pride in themselves, their families, and their school.

In a society that places much emphasis on fashion, where consumerism attempts to define social position and self-worth by the price, label, or logo which appears on clothing, our dress code stands as a reminder that clothing can be simple and uniform. The real worth of the individual is in what he or she accomplishes with the gifts and talents God has given. Our students will enter careers and professions where what they wear or their general appearance will not be their choice. We feel that we have an obligation to help them understand and accept those expectations as part of being an adult.

We consider proper dress and grooming to be part of the learning process. Students are expected to observe the ordinary rules of neatness, cleanliness, modesty, and good taste. Since the Student Handbook cannot make provisions for the continually changing styles, the school Administration reserves the right to decide what acceptable and appropriate dress is for school AND for school functions.

Approved providers of the Mater Dei High School monogrammed polos and sweatshirts are Southwest Grafix and Midwest Marketing. Uniform dress pants may be purchased through any retail outlet that carries slacks/pants that meet all regulations of the school dress code.