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“Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve.”

This call to action is an integral part of the learning experience at Mater Dei, as we believe that service to the community is a key aspect of learning and living the lessons taught by Jesus throughout the Gospels.  

Our program focuses on three categories of service:

  • Service to the students' Parish or Church
  • Service to the greater Evansville community/outreach
  • Service to the Mater Dei community

Along with our service program, Mater Dei has incorporated the use of MobileServe, a mobile service tracking app, to track individual and school-wide service hours. Through the use of the app, students can track hours and look up service opportunities throughout the surrounding communities. 

The mobile app will be used by the students over their four years at Mater Dei. The app provides the opportunity to track hours and create reports that will be helpful when applying for college and scholarships during their senior year.  

However, the main goal of the service program is for the students to put their faith into action by helping those in need.  As Pope Francis tells us, “This loving care for the less privileged is presented as a characteristic trait of God, and is likewise required, as a moral duty, of all those who would belong to his people,”

Service has been an important part of the learning experience at Mater Dei High School since 1949 when the school opened. It is great to see our current students continue the mission.