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We started our educational endowment because we believe that the most lasting gift a child can receive is a quality Catholic education. We both recognize the life-long benefits of our Catholic education as well as our children's. Our hope is that this tuition assistance will provide others with the same opportunity to grow in their faith, excel in their learning, and become good contributing members of their communities.

Ron '59 and Kathy Hollander

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a donation to Mater Dei High School that is invested to provide ongoing income for the school. The gifts contributed to an endowment are considered the "corpus" or "principal" and remain untouched. Mater Dei receives an annual distribution from the interest income to support the school. Endowments can be named to honor or memorialize a family or loved one and can be designated for a specific purpose, i.e., tuition assistance, technology, athletics, science, etc.

The investments are professionally managed and adhere to a policy that is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church. An endowment is a gift that continues to benefit the school for perpetuity. A minimum $5,000 gift must be given to establish an endowment. Many colleges and other organizations are able to provide significant annual income through their endowments.

What is a Memorial Gift?

Memorial gifts are a great way for individuals and groups to honor their loved ones, and they help Mater Dei continue to provide a quality Catholic education. Each year, many family and friends honor their loved ones who have passed with gifts made at the funeral home to Mater Dei High School.

Mater Dei graciously accepts gifts that are restricted to a specific program or purpose, in addition to unrestricted gifts which are made available to assist with current school priorities.

Mater Dei will send all contributors a thank you letter and receipt of the tax-deductible donation. In addition, the family of a person who has passed will receive a list of all contributors so they can acknowledge the contributions in their own way.

To learn more about endowments or memorial gifts, please contact Mallory Hertel or call 812-421-5727.


Our decision to endow the Mater Dei Music Department was driven by much more than our love for the school and our appreciation for the role MD played in our formative years. As musicians ourselves, we are keenly aware of the research that demonstrates the substantial, measurable, positive academic impact music and arts education can have on students who participate. Our goal, therefore, is to help create an ever-increasing quality educational product for Mater Dei students.

Justin '56 and Shirley (Adler) Clements '56

Mater Dei Endowments

  • Edward A. Arnold Education Endowment
  • Marc A Berendes Endowment
  • Pat & Beth Blankenberger Family Endowment
  • Ira Gerard and Theresa Boots Educational Endowment
  • Ira Joseph and Dorothy Jane Boots Family Endowment
  • Borries Family Endowment
  • CEF Endowment for Tuition Assistance
  • Bart J. Crecco Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Mary Jane Muensterman “Janie” Dale Endowment
  • Father William Deering Memorial Scholarship
  • Jim and Doris Dewig Endowment
  • Randall J Dick Science Endowment
  • George and Bette Duncan Education Endowment
  • Mike and Clarita Ellert Endowment
  • Fifth Third Foundation Education Endowment
  • Bishop’s Endowment for Mater Dei High School
  • Andrew and Darlene Goebel Endowment
  • Joseph and Patricia Gossman Endowment
  • James & Rosalie Dunkel Endowment
  • William & Carroll Knight Family Endowment
  • James A. and Sandra S. Weinzapfel Endowment in honor of Matthew J. and Olivia C. Weinzapfel
  • Michelle Diane Greenwell Memorial Scholarship
  • Raymond Gries Endowment
  • Robert and Judy Griffin Charitable Endowment
  • The Hamilton/Miller Endowment
  • Theresa and William Helfrich Endowment
  • Ron and Kathy Hollander Education Endowment
  • Harold and Shirley Kempf Family Endowment
  • Bob King Endowment and Bob King Fund
  • Seibert-Knapp Family Endowment
  • Patricia Koch Family Education Endowment
  • DiAnne and Larry Kremer Endowment
  • Reverend Raymond Kuper Fund for Education Excellence Endowment
  • Monsignor William Lautner Endowment
  • Little Flower Society Endowment
  • Jack & Ann MacGregor Endowment
  • Jerry & Charlotte MacGregor Family Endowment
  • Mater Dei Friends & Alumni Association Endowment
  • Bob and Mary Lue Russler Mater Dei High School Scholarship Endowment
  • Mater Dei Teachers Education Endowment
  • Paul and Nancy Mayer Endowment
  • James A. Niemeier Wrestling Endowment
  • Tom and Joan Niemeier Family Endowment
  • Sister Victoria Pohl Education Endowment
  • Mater Dei Science & Technology Endowment
  • Rex Mundi Continuing Catholic Education Endowment
  • David and M. Darlene Robinson Endowment
  • Robert and Rosemary Rooney Family Endowment
  • Donald W. and M. Patricia Rupprecht Mater Dei High School Endowment
  • Robert and Mary Lue Russler Tuition Assistance Endowment
  • Walter & Irene Ruston Endowment
  • Robert J. and Judy Decker Wargel STEM Endowment
  • Mater Dei Operating Endowment
  • Allen E Schmitt Endowment
  • Jack and Kate Siemers Family Endowment
  • Stan Singer Excellence in Writing Award Endowment
  • The Joseph T. Theby Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Thomas O. Tighe Memorial Tennis Endowment
  • Al and Darlene Weinzapfel and Family Endowment
  • Jerry and Helen Weinzapfel Tuition Assistance Endowment
  • Jerry and Helen Weinzapfel Endowment
  • Kyle Weis Tuition Assistance Endowment
  • Dolores & Len Will, Sr. Endowment
  • The John and Marian Witting Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • Louie Wittmer Nursing and Medical Education Endowment
  • Jeff and Leanne Happe Endowment
  • Robert M. Miller Endowment
  • Mater Dei Health and Science Institute Endowment
  • Jerry & Cherie Burgdorf Endowment
  • George & Marie Brenner Memorial Endowment
  • Pamela and Jerry Gries Endowment
  • Terry J Crane Memorial Endowment
  • Harold & Sylvia (Niemeier) Gossman Endowment